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Magmaw 2.25Raid05/10/11 23:31Limit
Magmaw 2.25Raid04/29/11 21:18Limit
Magmaw 2.25Raid04/13/11 0:02Limit
Magmaw 2.25Raid04/05/11 21:16Limit
Magmaw 2.25Raid03/11/11 20:42Limit
Magmaw 2.2525man raid (The one you want to be in)02/25/11 20:40Limit
Magmaw 2.2525 man raid02/11/11 21:28Limit
Magmaw 2.2510 man Friday02/04/11 20:28Limit
Magmaw 2.2510 man Tuesday02/01/11 20:19Limit
Magmaw 2.2510 man01/25/11 10:48Limit
Magmaw 2.2510 man01/14/11 8:28Limit
Magmaw 1.75Cata 10 man01/05/11 0:05Limit

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