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re: Information for new members

Welcome to CoD!

Here's a step-by-step tutuorial to help get you situated on the site and sign up for raids etc.

First, you'll need to start with the application link as shown below. If you've already been invited to CoD in game, then this will be a quick and easy process. If not, then you'll have to wait for your application to be viewed and accepted.

Forum Image

On the application page, you accomplish a few things whether you're already invited in game or not. The first thing you accomplish is your sign-in name with guildlaunch. Don't be surprised if your toon's name is taken, most of our members just append COD to the end of their toon name for their username - for example EldaranCOD.

IF you've already been invited to the guild, then you still need to put in an app, but you can leave it blank.

Once you submit your application, you should get a confirmation page like the one below. If you have not been accepted in game yet, the rest of this tutorial will not apply to you until your application has been viewed and accepted.

The first thing you're going to want to do once you get the "launch code accepted" confirmation is to head to the guild roster on the site and claim your characters so that the site can tie your guildlaunch username together with your in game character names. (Please note that your character might not show up right away as the site updates with bizzards's armory. -Trollsbane-)

Forum Image

Next, click on the characters tab.

Forum Image

Now, assuming the wowarmory has had enough time to register you as being a member of CoD, you should find your character's name on the list here. If not, try to remain patient, the armory isn't always the most stable thing in the world, but unfortunately, the way this site works, it's semi dependant on it. If it's taking a LONG time for your character to show up, talk to Trollsbane, he may be able to put you in manually.

If your character(s) are on the list, simply click "claim"

Forum Image

After you've claimed your toon, the hard part is over :)

We recommend you take a moment to make a post in the member forums announcing your arrival and telling us a little bit about yourself. Our guild members pay pretty close attention to this site, so giving us a little info about you and a head's up that you're in the guild, will help ensure that you get immediately involved with us in heroics, raids etc.

The other thing you're undoubtedly going to want to do is to sign-up for our guild's raids! This is required if you'd like to participate, so please don't skip this step! FYI, new raids for the week are generally posted on Sundays @ 12:00 server.

Forum Image

Once you bring up the list of raids, simply find the raid or raids you'll be available for and wish to attend and click "Signup". The group selection process for raids varies depending on the instance, but for the most part, the raid leader will take the proper classes/specs according to the requirements of the raid and the signup date/time. So signup early! Also, don't be discouraged from signing up for a raid if it looks like it's already filled. A lot can happen in a week, and it's not uncommon for someone to be swapped out of a group and into another one at the last minute leaving a void in a particular raid.

Forum Image

The last step is to choose which character you will be attending with, give us a little information, like what your spec/role will be or if you can bring one of your other toons and what it's spec/role would be.

Forum Image

If you made it all the way through this process CONGRATS! If not, talk to a ministry member, specifically Trollsbane if you can catch him online.

Either way, welcome to CoD!

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