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re: EPGP Rules

Short Version
Division based system (earned points / gear points = priority). Earned from time spent, bosses killed, or other bonuses. Gear from getting items. Person with highest priority gets the loot.

Long Version
Unlike DKP, this is not a currency system. This is a priority system. What that means is that instead of gaining points and then spending them like money, the points earned is divided by the points used on gear to see who has the priority. This idea comes from the EPGP system, however we are not using this mod or following all their rules.

Earning Points (EP):
~ +1 point per full hour spent in raid
~ +4 points for staying with a raid from start to finish on progression runs.
~ +5 points for sitting out for someone else if you are already in the raid.
~ -10 points for signing up to a raid but not showing up. Unless an excuse is given to a raid leader (RL happens, just let us know).
~ Each boss is worth a certain number of EP. It is based on what types of loot drops and how much they drop.

Gear Points (GP):
~ Getting loot, see here for different prices for gear.

Points that are used on items are applied from the person's total immediately, so that he can not use the same point lead to roll on a second item dropping on the same boss. However the website will not be updated until after the raid.

Points that are earned through the means listed above are not awarded until after all looting.

Because of these 2 stipulations, the master looter must link all the gear in raid chat before beginning the bids, that way people know what they want to spend their points on.

Trash mob drops are treated the same way as boss drops. Highest priority gets the loot.

If 2 people want the same item and both have the same amount of priority, they roll normally to see who wins the item.

Items can now be traded between different raiders after being looted. This allows for some "under the table" type of selling that avoids our system. This will not be allowed. If you change your mind about loot tell the raid leader or the loot master so we can assign the correct person GP. Talking about loot is encouraged, but selling items for gold (or favors) is not.

BoE items are either needed (see below) or sent to the guild bank. If you see an item in the guild bank that you want then just request it here and if it is an item that normally uses GP you will be charged as if you were in the raid.

Base GP is set to 10. That is for new members who have not gotten any loot yet or for people who might decay past this point. It keeps the priority from going to infinity.

Need/Greed system:
If you would like to get an item for offspec or side-grade purposes you can greed. Greeded items cost boss points instead of full points. Trash mob items that are greeded use the next boss's points. PvP gear that drops in PvE instances (VoA, BH) will only cost greed GP (boss points) even when needed.

If you are caught trying to cheat this system (saying greed for upgrades to main spec) then you will be charged double GP. Be honest and vocal about what your main spec is, we want you to play the way you want. See this quote:
Need Greed Addendum 4/23/09 wrote:
In the interests of guild progression, we ask that you only roll "need" on items which are clearly and appropriately itemized for your main spec.

Off spec items should be "greed" for the following reasons:

If you are spending full dkp on items that are not meant for your declared main raiding spec, then you are in effect, damaging your ability to gear to your highest potential for your declared raiding role over the long term.

If you roll "need" on and win an item that is not appropriately itemized for your main spec at the expense of someone for whom the item in question is optimally itemized for their main spec, then you will have in effect, weakened the raid's potential strength twofold.

We understand that dkp is currency that is earned and meant to be spent, but we strongly encourage you to consider how your actions effect the guild's progression and member relations.

Decay: We will be using a decay system, 10% every week. Note that this applies to both Earned (EP) and Spent (GP) so in the end everyone is still in the same position after the decay. But it keeps people from hording EP, and promotes spending.

Miscellaneous Info:
Alts and mains are SEPERATE in our system. We can only take one toon per run, so why give any of your toons the points when only one is helping. If you are asked to switch to a character that you did not want to bring, you can ask to have the earned points given to either character.

This system applies to both 10 man content AND 25 man content. Since they both drop the same loot and share the same lockout.

That's it for the rules, here are 2 examples of what to expect.

Complicated Example:
I'll show 3 weeks of Ruby sanctum. Lets say it takes 2 hour every week and the boss is worth 1.5 points. Using characters A through D, how about they start with 100 EP and 40 GP.

Week 1: Boss dies and a ring drops for character A. So everyone gains 3.5 EP and character A gets 5 points added to his GP number.
A~ 103.5 EP 45 GP 2.3 Priority
B~ 103.5 EP 40 GP 2.59 Priority
C~ 103.5 EP 40 GP 2.59 Priority
D~ 103.5 EP 40 GP 2.59 Priority
Now before week 2 happens there is a decay so you end up with:
A~ 93.15 EP 40.50 GP 2.30 Priority
B~ 93.15 EP 36.00 GP 2.59 Priority
C~ 93.15 EP 36.00 GP 2.59 Priority
D~ 93.15 EP 36.00 GP 2.59 Priority

Week 2: Boss dies and a ring drops for character B and a chest piece for character C. So everyone gains 3.5 EP again and character B gets 5 for his GP and character C gets 10 for his GP.
A~ 96.65 EP 40.50 GP 2.39 Priority
B~ 96.65 EP 41.00 GP 2.36 Priority
C~ 96.65 EP 46.00 GP 2.10 Priority
D~ 96.65 EP 36.00 GP 2.59 Priority
Now before week 3 happens there is a decay again:
A~ 86.99 EP 36.45 GP 2.39 Priority
B~ 86.99 EP 36.90 GP 2.36 Priority
C~ 86.99 EP 41.40 GP 2.10 Priority
D~ 86.99 EP 32.40 GP 2.59 Priority

Week 3: Boss dies and a cloak drops for character D and character C wasn't able to raid. So everyone who came gains 3.5 EP and character D gets 5 for his GP.
A~ 90.49 EP 36.45 GP 2.45 Priority
B~ 90.49 EP 36.90 GP 2.45 Priority
C~ 86.99 EP 41.40 GP 2.10 Priority
D~ 90.49 EP 37.40 GP 2.41 Priority
And before the 4th week we get decay again:
A~ 81.44 EP 32.81 GP 2.45 Priority
B~ 81.44 EP 33.21 GP 2.45 Priority
C~ 78.29 EP 37.26 GP 2.10 Priority
D~ 81.44 EP 33.66 GP 2.41 Priority

Simpler Example: (by trolls)

~The Earned points continue to go up indefinately other than the weekly decay.
~The Gear points (how much gear you've gotten) continues to go up indefinately as well. So this will make people that get more gear have less priority due to the division.

~Eventually, the totals will look like:
400 EP / 200 GP = 2 Priority
342 Ep / 161 GP = 2.12 Priority
589 EP / 105 GP = 5.61 Priority
589 EP / 371 GP = 1.59 Priority
222 EP / 343 GP = 0.65 Priority
And so on

~The more loot you get, the less your priority.
~The more raids you attend, the better your priority becomes.

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The Ministry

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re: EPGP Rules

If you don't understand this system, you need to ask questions. We have many ways of describing this to you, but unless you ask, we can not help. Once we start using the system, the excuse, "I didn't understand", or "I didn't know" will not cut it.

It is your responsibility to read the forums and ask questions if you need to.



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re: EPGP Rules

Show up to raids, get loot. Got it.



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re: EPGP Rules

Grumble grumle.....6 months to late....<3

No, but seriously I do fully support this it is A LOT more fair.
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