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No new posts Important Info
If you are currently in the guild, or if you are applying to the guild, you should be checking out this forum. Like the Forum title says, it's full of important info...
4 9 01/26/09 15:36
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No new posts News
EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! This is where we put the news. =P
103 375 01/23/14 12:23
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No new posts Member Discussion
A place to be yourself and write about anything you'd like... mostly... Also, where we put things that we want members to read and respond to.
1273 8098 07/29/17 17:14
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No new posts Role Leads Forum
Role leaders can chit chat in here about members of their role, people who are doing well, and people who could use help. Yep, that's right role leads, you actually have to do work.=p
160 2258 05/11/11 19:59
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No new posts Officer Discussion
This is where the officers hash out those hard to make decisions about the things that effect what we love most. You.
848 6778 12/16/11 2:16
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No new posts Ministry Discussion
This is where we put out feet on the desk and have a beer, before jumping off the 50th floor of a building.
812 5212 12/04/12 16:35
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Misc. Goodies  
No new posts Raids
All things raids! Talk about dkp, raid suggestions, boss tips etc.
277 1565 05/13/11 22:10
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No new posts T&T's PR forum
Your longtime personal relations managers, Timeny and Trollsbane have decided to open up the forums to you for anything we can help with. PLEASE read the initial sticky post in this forum before posting anything.
12 36 12/15/09 13:06
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No new posts Macros/UI
Here we will have lists of ingame macros one can use to enhance the awesomeness of single buttong easymode. Little tips and such make big bear a happy bear.
27 105 04/30/10 5:33
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No new posts Timeny's Technical Teachings
This is where the computer geeks give you info on how to do things. If you are having computer issues, put them here so we can help. Also, things like "how to's" will be posted here.
88 753 04/22/11 4:15
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No new posts Fun!
This is a forum to put fun videos, wacky jokes,contests, and other fun things. Things that do not constitute fun, thus that don't belong here: Oli's balls. 'Nuff said.
305 1700 05/04/11 16:27
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No new posts PVP
Arena, battlegrounds, Halaa, Oh my! All things pvp.
22 107 12/23/10 22:43
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Role Forums  
No new posts Heavenly Healers Hideout
Give me an "H"! Give me an "E"! Give me an "A"! Give me an "L"! What's that spell? DPS! ... /sigh CUT! A place for healers to converge and work together.
22 232 02/17/11 16:00
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No new posts The Tank Hole
My conc beats your d&d. Nuh uh. Uh huh. Well my shield bash beats them both. Nuh uh. uh huh.... A place for tanks to converge and work together.
11 58 05/03/11 6:06
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No new posts Dangerous Dps Dugout
"Daddy. what's an e-peen?" "Oh, that's easy honey, it's a Dps." A place for dps to converge and work together.
9 161 01/31/10 10:43
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Class Specific Forums  
No new posts Warrior
Sword and board! and those other ones we love to hate, dps... A Forum for warriors.
1 8 12/02/10 15:18
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No new posts Paladin
Bubble! HAHA you can't touch me and I heal too well! A forum for paladins
8 30 03/05/11 7:23
ginafree View latest post
No new posts Hunters
Death from a thousand cuts. Oh damn, my misdirect didn't go off and my feign death got resisted. =*( ps. Yes, we do want ALL the gear! A forum for hunters
2 22 12/21/10 21:30
Kwaurtz View latest post
No new posts Warlocks
I gain 144765217624357617456mana per fight. And yes, I might have died now, but my dots have you in 10 seconds =P Oh, and watching aggro is for noobs! A forum for warlocks
6 19 02/17/11 23:46
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No new posts Priests
I make you live through the blessing of light! Ah crap. I just got one-shotted. =/ A forum for priests
3 10 03/10/11 7:53
Zaravara View latest post
No new posts Druids
Oh, you cc'd me. I'll just switch forms and pwn you. Yes, I am a cheater. You're still dead. A forum for druids
8 29 02/11/11 19:19
Zonrath View latest post
No new posts Mages
My pyroblast crit for 155461643613. Damn, I was hoping for more. And if that's not enough, I can iceblock! A forum for mages
3 10 02/16/11 19:48
Ledia10 View latest post
No new posts Rogues
HAHA You can't move! HAHA I am killing you! HAHA You've been ganked! HAHA I do more damage. A forum for rogues
6 143 02/26/11 17:25
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No new posts Shaman
I am the most overpowered class in wow. Don't believe me? Watch me kill you in seconds in either spec, then switch out and heal my friends to full. =P A forum for shaman
7 13 02/24/11 10:23
Nayaga View latest post
No new posts Death Knight
Death and Decay. Raise the dead. Bla bla. Just go to hell. A forum for Deathknights
3 12 01/28/11 4:01
Aaranu View latest post
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No new posts The Vault
A place where we keep old posts that are no longer needed. They didn't die, we just sweep them under the rug.
77 892 05/31/11 0:20
Killswltch View latest post
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